Geoffrey Gamble, Esq.
Chief International Counsel and
Director of International Government Affairs
DuPont Company
Wilmington, Delaware

I have had the pleasure of knowing David Holliday for 12 years, and I can say that he is a man of the highest professional and personal integrity.  He has a keen intellect and an inquiring mind.  His capacity for facts and knowledge is cavernous.  David is an experienced, agile, and resourceful litigator who has the best interests of his clients invariably before him.  He is a gentleman.  His professionalism and sense of ethics are of the highest order.

David also possesses a moral depth and quality which is extraordinary.  I have seen this manifest itself in the charitable work he has done over the years with those less fortunate than he, and in his love for his family.  There is no inconsistency in his life.  He is what he seems to be.  David’s actions are integrated with his sincerely held Faith and his beliefs.

I am proud to call him my friend and very pleased to be able to recommend him as a lawyer to all who may ask.

My comments: I’ve known Geoff intimately through my work with the Church at the national and international levels since the late 90’s. Geoff is a very impressive individual, having served in combat as an officer in the US Marine Corps during Vietnam. He earned his JD from Catholic University, and in addition to being Chief International Counsel and Director of International Government Affairs at DuPont Company, he has served as the President of the Delaware State Bar Association, Vice President of the Order of Malta Worldwide Disaster Relief Organization and US Delegate to the World Trade Organization. William David Holliday


Brien P. Horan, Esq.
Vice-President Legal Department
Fortune 100 Insurance Company
Hartford, Connecticut

I have known David Holliday for more than 15 years, and I collaborated with him on several cases when I was still in private practice.  He is an extremely seasoned and highly effective litigator.  He has that innate sense of how to handle a case so as to obtain the desired result for his client in the most efficient, methodical and often relentless manner possible. This innate sense derives from his having tried many, many cases to verdict.  Even some very good lawyers have a certain reluctance to take a case to trial, when push comes to shove. David Holliday is not among these.  He is more than happy when he is able to negotiate a favorable resolution for his client, but, if he can’t reach an acceptable settlement, he will not hesitate to go to trial.  David Holliday’s strategic sense stands out to me.  He is extremely effective in analyzing a given case.  He skillfully breaks a case down into its component parts, analyzes the underlying legal issues, and instinctively fashions a very effective litigation strategy. He makes very tactical use of pre-trial motions so as to narrow the key issues and put his case in the best possible position for trial.  He has a deep appreciation of how our jury system works. David Holliday is a highly successful advocate because he handles litigation for his clients zealously and in a highly ethical manner, while maintaining professional standards of civility towards opposing counsel.  It was always a pleasure to collaborate with a lawyer committed both to excellence and strong results.

My Comments: I have known and worked with Mr. Horan for the past 15 years.  Having retired in the rank of Colonel in the US Army, heentered private law practice after a career with the U.S. State Department, spending a dozen years as a litigation partner in one of the largest law firms in Connecticut. Mr. Horan is currently a vice president of a Fortune 100 life insurance company. William David Holliday


Law Office of Daniel K.Hennesy, Esq.
25 Highland Park Village
Suite 100-536
Dallas, TX  75205-2789

I have known and worked with David Holliday for more than 20 years.  Based on his performance and attitude, I recommend him to anyone who needs a competent, honest litigator.  He knows the law and how the system works.  He is smart, persistent and never intimidated.  He gets the job done effectively and efficiently, which attributes are essential in today’s legal world.

David gives sound legal advice, based on common sense.  If one needs help and perhaps feels helpless when confronted by the complexity of the law and/or our court system, David is clearly a man to whom you can turn.

My Comments: I’ve known and worked with Dan Hennessy for 25 years. In addition to war time service as a Naval officer during Viet Nam, Dan was valedictorian of his class at the United States Naval Academy and graduated cum laude from Harvard Law School, where he served as Editor of the Law Review. Dan was a founding partner of Dallas based Hughes & Luce in 1973, where he practiced until joining the real estate development firm of Garfield Traub in 2007, as a principal and as general counsel. William David Holliday


Charles R. Helms, Esq.
Law Offices of Pesek & Helms
Dallas, Texas

I have known David Holliday both personally and professionally for nearly 20 years.  He is highly ethical and morally upright.  He is also a much-valued counselor whose advice invariably goes to the heart of the matter.  David is a persistent advocate of unusual creativity and originality.  Indeed, he has more vision and insight before breakfast than most men do in a year.  However, David’s primary wellspring, besides a gifted intellect and long experience, is his personal fidelity to the Gospel, especially its hard teachings about service and self-sacrifice.  His clients and friends include some of America ’s most prominent and powerful, but he is happiest when personally serving the sick and the poor with his wife and children at his side.  I prize David’s good opinion and am honored to call him my friend.

My Comments: Chuck Helms is a colleague and has been a respected, practicing member of the Dallas legal community for 20 years. His impressive background includes an Bachelor of Arts from Princeton University, a Masters in Theology from the University of Dallas, a Doctorate of Jurisprudence from the University of Texas Law School and a Doctorate of Theology from Oxford University. William David Holliday


Dr. Joseph H. Hagan
P.O. Box 546
Little Compton, R.I. 02837

I have known and worked with David Holliday for a period of almost twenty years. Professionally, we have worked together as officers of The North American Association of the Constantinian Order of Saint George, a lay religious order of the Royal House of the Two Sicilies.

For many years I served as President of that Association and David served as my Chancellor.  I was tremendously impressed by his intelligence, work ethic, sincerity, dedication, and ability to get things done. He also assisted us with his exceptional legal talent in a number of difficult situations.

On the personal side, David is a devout Christian gentleman, a wonderful husband and father, and an outstanding member of his local community.  He has been honored both by his profession and by the award of a number of prestigious knighthoods in addition to being the Baron of Corehead, the Scottish barony and ancient birthplace and seat of his family.

David is my esteemed colleague and good friend.  I can think of no finer person with whom I am acquainted.

My Comments: I have known and worked closely with Dr. Hagan since the late 80’s. He has earned doctorates in both ministry and education. During his distinguished career in Education, he has served as Vice President and Professor at Bryant University, President and Professor of Assumption College for over 20 years, interim President of Roger Williams University and currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of John Cabot University – an international American University in Rome.  His service to our country includes an eight year term (by presidential appointment) on the National Council on the Humanities. In addition to serving two five year terms as a Consultor to the Pontifical Council for the Family, Dr. Hagan has been a Gentleman-in-Waiting to the Holy Father for the past 19 years and is a Knight of Honor and Devotion in Obedience of the Order of Malta, a Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre and a Knight Grand Cross of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George. William David Holliday


James Waldorf, CFP, CLU
Director of Wealth Management
Independent Insurance Group
3010 LBJ Freeway, Suite 920
Dallas, Texas 75234

I’ve had a professional and personal relationship with David for thirty years.  I know him as a man of the highest integrity.  Charles Watson in his book Managing with Integrity: Insights from America’s CEOs writes: ”There is wholeness in what the person with integrity says and does.  There is consistency between his actions and what he purports to honor.   He pursues his aims along the high road and is uninterrupted and undiminished by temptations for quick or easy personal gain.  He seems undisturbed by the opinions of others hold or express about him and what he honors.  His upright conduct is made possible through steadfast adherence to unbending principles and standards, and his character is marked by an undaunted quest for important ends far larger than his own needs, comfort, and interests.”

David also knows the distance between the pitcher’s rubber and home plate, the difference between Scottish peerage and baronage, and Sherman’s battlefield formations of both the Civil and Indian Wars.  Yet, somehow there is room in his brain for details that other attorneys would miss…or trust to associates, and then be forgotten.  David has represented my family twice in legal matters.  In each situation his personal knowledge of the details of my case, the relevant law, and his persistence was rewarded.

I have been the beneficiary of his diligence and tenacity, and I am proud to recommend his legal services, and prouder yet to be his friend.

My Comments: In the course of my ERISA practice over the years, I’ve had dealings with several Enrolled Actuaries. There are only about 2,000 at any given time, they are all off-the-charts in terms of IQ, but often lack a practical dimension or perspective – socks don’t match or shoes on the wrong feet….that type of thing. Jim was and is the exception. Pure intellectual brilliance combined with street-level savy. When I first started working with Jim on my client’s ERISA matters over 25 years ago, he was a Cum Laude BS Engineering graduate of Case Western University with a private pension consulting practice. Prior to his current position he was a corporate vice president and officer of a well-known, large, publicly traded life insurance company. In addition to his extensive background in insurance and the typical securities and insurance licenses, he has also published extensively in his field and is a frequent industry speaker. William David Holliday


Chris Bracken, IT Operations Management
N142 Branch Manager, Naval Facilities Expeditionary Logistics Center (NFELC) &
NAVFACENGCOM Information Technology (NAVFAC IT) Community
US Naval Base Ventura, California

In my business career, which has spanned more than 20 years of self employment, I have met every conceivable type of personality.  When I sold my business in 2005 I had a customer list of over 700.  This list was dominated by the wealthy business owner whose ultimate goal did not necessarily include character or integrity.  This is quite a large sample group on which to base my opinion.  I walked away from the sale of my business with the cynical view that every man, does indeed, have his price.  And only when that price has been satisfied will that person even begin to think about other people. And for most, that price was never satisfied.  My belief that we live in a narcissistic society has held firm except for one man.

I have known David Holliday for nearly 20 years and during that period he has spent innumerable hours assisting me with my business and personal problems.  This assistance did not only include legal work but often just some sound personal advice.  Without David’s help I would never have achieved the goals I have for my family.  It is just that simple.  As I write this letter I cannot begin to imaging where I would be without his assistance.  It would not be in nearly as good a place as I am now.  My family and I will never be able to adequately thank David for all his help.  We can only make feeble attempts to do so.

My view of society is only modified by one man’s character and integrity.  Character and integrity that I have seen in every situation.  That man is David Holliday.

Thank you David, for all your help and your friendship.

My Comments: I’ve known Chris Bracken, worked with and represented him and his companies in a variety of situations for the past 20 years. The first thoughts that come to mind about Chris is that he is a great friend, father, husband and community leader with the highest traditional standards and values. In addition to having started, built and sold a number of very successful companies, Chris retired as a CPA from one of the mega-CPA firms, and has a comprehensive background as a Senior IT Specialist/Project Manager for various Fortune 500 companies as well as the Department of Defense. William David Holliday


Larry Hopkins, President
Ad-Water, LLC & Hopkins Advertising
PO Box 25261
Dallas, TX 75225

I have had the pleasure to know and work with David Holliday for over 15 years. We met as tenants and office next door neighbors in the mid-80’s. David is honest as the day is long and has proven himself a man of utmost integrity, even to his occasional financial and professional detriment.

Our relationship was strictly social for many years until I was sued in a frivolous oil & gas lawsuit. I was so impressed with the way David orchestrated depositions. He was able to demonstrate through the plaintiff’s own testimony that their suit was baseless and founded on totally inaccurate assumptions. To the delight of all the defendants, the case was dropped before depositions were even concluded.

Our friendship has continued to flourish. I have not had need of any legal services, personal or business related, that David has not handled on my behalf with precision. From my 29 years of self employment, I cannot recommend anyone more highly than David Holliday. We see eye to eye on matters of business ethics, politics and 99% of conservative spiritual issues. He is a proud husband and father that justifiably brags on his wife and 5 kids every time we talk. I consider myself privileged to have him as a friend and invaluable advisor and confidant.

My Comments: Larry Hopkins, a BBA graduate of Texas A&M University, has  considerable experience in the oil business as a landman and investor. He is a respected member of our community, and a serial entrepreneur having started, built and sold a number of successful businesses. He currently donates his time, resources and considerable talents in the development and promotion of  a very successful short-wave radio ministry that broadcasts the Christian message in Aramaic into the Islamic world.  William David Holliday