Lost Property

For the past 25 years, I’ve helped companies and individuals recover millions of dollars of property and money from various governmental agencies.

City, County, State, and Federal escheated unclaimed property and funds; excess funds from tax sales of property and homes; and excess funds from mortgage foreclosure sales of property and homes. After being hired, we conduct an audit and then file claims based on our audits. Successfully claiming the funds or property often requires filing probates, my knowledge as a transactional lawyer, my expertise in: ERISA or retirement plan law; as a land-title lawyer; as an oil and gas lawyer; and in litigation. Please send us an email through the form on this website, or give us a call. We will evaluate your claim, at no charge, and discuss our fee structure, which will include contingent fees where we will not be paid anything unless there is a recovery for you, and then we will be paid out of your recovery.

Please contact us for assistance or if you have any questions.